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About First Tutors: Canada

First Tutors: Canada was established in Canada in 2011, and offers what our competitors cannot - the selection of a private tutor based on the feedback and recommendations of their previous clients. Our sister site,, was conceptualized in 2005 as the first of its kind, and has since gained a wide-spread reputation for excellence to become the leading online tutor-matching service in the UK! First Tutors: Canada aims to do the same in Canada, offering access to a diverse range of tutors, and providing a more accessible system where the tutoring history of our tutors is displayed by way of recommendations. Back in the UK we have been endorsed by The Good Schools Guide and appeared in educational, regional and national press.

Why Use Us?

Choice - Enjoy the freedom of browsing the online profiles all the registered tutors in your locality, and compare their experience, skills and feedback, before choosing the private tutors you would like to contact. We profile tutors all over Canada; home tutors who provide private tutoring from their own homes, online tutors who give private lessons online, and private tutors who will travel to you to tutor you in the comfort of your own home. First Tutors: Canada offers tuition in a broad range of academic disciplines and levels from Kindergarten to exam tutoring for provincial exams, exit exams, and even for college or university classes. So whether you need to brush up on your calculus, learn to conjugate verbs, or memorize the elements on the periodic table, First Tutors: Canada can help you find the right tutor for you. Simply select the subject and level you require, then look through the profiles of our professional tutors before choosing who you think will work best for you.

Affordability - ask for a one-off $9.99 introduction fee and that is all. Agencies often charge as much as $10 commission on every hour of tuition a tuor gives given, but with First Tutors: Canada, there are no such fees or hidden costs.

Flexibility - Being an online service there is no limit to usual agency hours! Our website can be accessed in its entirety 24/7, so whenever it works for you, come online!

Accessibility - First Tutors: Canada has been designed and praised for its ease of navigation. We have a customer satisfaction team whose sole responsibility is to reply to any problems or queries you might have as fast as possible.

First Tutors: Canada vs. a Regular Tutoring Agency

First Tutors: Canada differs from your average tuition agency in many respects, and we think its important that our users understand what makes us unique:

  • It is your decision which tutors you choose to make inquiries to. You are able to see all the available candidates offering private tuition in your area, and its entirely your choice who you decide will tutor you or your child!
  • You can contact those tutors you are interested in directly to discuss your requirements. First Tutors: Canada does not charge for this, and even provides a secure area for our members to engage in such communication. This minimizes the chances of customer dissatisfaction with the tutor they choose.
  • We do not run background checks. However, if our tutors are in possession of a Criminal Record Check (CRC) they will announce this on their tutor profiles in addition to any other references they can offer. However, for your own peace of mind, we suggest you ask to see any such documentation during the first lesson.
  • First Tutors: Canada is free for tutors! We will never ask for any additional percentage of a tutors earnings, so all your earnings are your own! However, because we operate in this fashion we are unable to mediate any issues you might have with the tutor you have selected. We request all clients to review their tutor within a month of providing the introductions. This feedback provides future users with objective advice, and allows tutors to enhance their profile with all positive feedback given.
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