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Summertime Tutoring

June 26th, 2012 by Isa

For many tutors summertime brings with it a the joys of longer days and better weather. These days can be enjoyed at even greater length due to what tutors will notice to be a rapidly dwindling number of tuition requests. Summertime is not, generally, a time associated with tutoring, and many tutors will glumly count the months until term begins and both requests and cash-flow begin to increase once more.

However, there is one summer-time market that is often over-looked by private tutors. Whilst children and, indeed, students of many ages will see the summer as a time of freedom, play and blissfully allowing all information gathered over the previous year to slowly drain away, the parents of many of these students will see the summer as an ideal time to pick up additional skills and abilities. Music lessons are amongst the most popular summertime tuition choices, but are closely followed by arts, crafts and sports!

So, whether you normally teach Math and just enjoy basketball as a weekend activity, offer History but play the piano or generally tutor French but have a passion for crafts why not add Music, Sports or Art tuition to your profile? These niche areas can often be the most fun to get involved in and offer the opportunity to teach a wider variety of students.

The following are tutors who have taken advantage of both the Academic and more specialist markets:

Rachael, St. Catherines, English tutor who also offers Piano lessons

Nicholas, Ottowa, Math and Science tutor who also offers Guitar tuition and Sports coaching

Cherryl, Yellowknife, Science and English tutor who also offers help in Art and Music

Or, if you've not joined First Tutors: Canada yet but would like to try your hand at some summertime tutoring, why not Register here!

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