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Your First Private Tuition Session

Setting the Scene

The best environment for home tuition to take place is a quiet and preferably separate area in the home, which enables tutor and student to work without disruption. We always suggest that an adult (parent or guardian) is at home throughout the lesson, especially in cases where the student is under sixteen. We would also recommend that the door to the area where tutoring is taking place be left open, so parents can check up on progress if they care to do so without interrupting the tutor.

Alternatively if you have made arrangements to go to the tutor's home to receive private tutoring, or perhaps group tuition, please always consider safety first! In this instance meeting the tutor before the lesson may be reassuring for all involved, and ensure that the student does not visit alone until comfortable with their tutor.

Before Your First Session

The student should think about what it is they like or dislike about the subject, and what areas they find particularly challenging and why, which will allow the tutor to assess how to best meet the student's needs.

If parents and students have any concerns we encourage them to ask for proof of any qualifications, references or Criminal Record Checks the tutor has declared during the first lesson. Tutors who have included this information know to expect this request.

The First Lesson

  • The tutor will assess your knowledge of the subject.
  • Is the chance to see how well you and your tutor get on.
  • The tutor will go through exercises with you to determine your current knowledge understand your learning style.

As Your Lessons Progress

  • If you feel it would be beneficial alter the content or structure of your lessons, just mention it to your tutor.
  • Don't be nervous to ask your tutor to increase or decrease the difficulty of sessions.
  • Help other parents and students by providing feedback about your tutor through First Tutors: Canada.