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Top college application tips

July 19th, 2012 by Isa

So - high school is ending and the time has come for you to start looking at colleges. In this day and age applications for college are becoming more and more detailed and request many more documents and pieces of information. The college application process can be intimidating, but with the right tips and tools you can be sure to submit an application that speaks true to you and will help you get into the college of your choice.

1. Punctuality: Deadlines are set for a reason. Admissions committees are typically on very tight time-constraints! If anything makes a good and lasting impression, it's submitting your application on time. Make sure you begin filling out your application with plenty of time to spare. Leave a few weeks to allow some extra time for review.

2. Additional Information: Your college application will often require several different pieces of information. This ranges from letters of recommendation and transcripts to SAT/ACT scores and a list of past activities. If the college thinks it important enough to request, it is very important to include it. Leaving resources and information out could set you back in the application process! Often times information such as transcripts and scores can be sent directly to the college by your high school.

3. Be specific: You have probably heard that an essay portion of a college application is required. Not all colleges require this, but many do. Try to be very specific and unique - the admissions committee has to read hundreds if not thousands of essays, so this is your chance to shine! Write about things you believe in, rather than what you think they want to hear. Make sure that your essay answers all questions that were asked.

4. EDIT: Be sure to spell check and use the word count when you have completed your essay. This essay is a way for you to express your personality and desire to attend the college before you are accepted. Make sure you have someone edit the essay before you submit it! This will allow you to correct grammatical errors or small mistakes you may have looked over before.

Your college application is not only the first view the admissions department will have of you, but also your first step into the wonderful world of college! Be sure to ensure the punctuality, accuracy and completeness of your application before you submit it. This is one of the biggest determinants in college admissions; therefore slacking off will only hurt your chances. With these tips you will be en route to the perfect application!

This guest blog was written by the Cadet Admissions department of North Georgia College & State University, The Military College of Georgia. North Georgia College & State University is one of the top military colleges in the US and offers a college army ROTC program. Cadet Admissions also offer Army scholarships to those pursuing a field in the army.

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