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How Does First Tutors: Canada Work?

Using First Tutors - anywhere across Canada - to search for private tuition could not be any more simple, just follow the five steps outlined below:

Step 1: First, run a search for your required subject and level to find out what tutors we have available in your locality, or if we can offer online tuition.

Step 2: Register (for free!) as a student or parent.

Step 3: Pick 1-4 tutors from your search, and send them a message informing them of your interest and detailing your tuition requirements.

Step 4: The tutors you have selected will be immediately notified of your inquiry, and asked to either accept or reply to your request for tutoring. You are able to access and respond to these replies through your private members area. When one or more of your chosen tutors accepts your request for tuition you can confirm your choice, and advance to Step 5...

Step 5: When you have chosen your preferred tutor we will release your chosen tutor's contact details via e-mail.

If you have any additional questions, or find the information provided unclear, please get in touch using our support form and we will guide you through the process.

See How It Works...

Which Tutor?

It can often be hard for parents to choose a tutor they feel will not only help their child progress, but will be compatible with the student, which allows for more effective communication. Clear communication is crucial in private tuition, as tutoring is a mutual exercise where the tutor must clearly understand their students' level and learning styles are in order to explain those harder-to-grasp concepts.

To help students and parents pick a tutor they feel they / their child will be comfortable working with, we have given each tutor a online profile, through which they have the opportunity to introduce themselves, and state their qualifications and their approach to tuition. This gives clients the chance to decide whether or not the tutor will meet your expectations, and if their methods will be compatible to your/your child's tutoring needs.

Tuition Methods

A tutor's approach to tutoring should be a key consideration when choosing as different attitudes and methods work for different people. Some students may really need to be challenged, and have a tutor who radiates academic knowledge, whilst other students may find this intimidating and require a more relaxed mentor with whom they can identify. Often the most harmonious relationships are formed when tutor and student have something in common, whether that be family background or future aspirations.

Tuition Intensity

We would recommend the following tuition schedules based on the student's age to optimize their learning:

Kindergarten / Elementary - 1 hour tutoring sessions are the absolute maximum. Younger children often find it difficult to maintain concentration, so 30 - 45mins is often preferred, and some tutors may be happy to split tuition time between more than one child, e.g half an hour each for two children or twenty minutes each for three.

Secondary School - 1 hour should be fine; 1 hour 30 if your child has the stamina or is revising for exams.

Secondary School Senior / University Level Tuition - 1 hour / 1 hour 30 if you are being tutored on a regular basis. 2 hours / 2 hours 30 if you are cramming before exams.

Continuation of Tuition

When first inquiring about tuition to your prospective tutor, please be clear about how long you will need tutoring for, i.e. whether you are looking for someone to help prepare you/your child for impending exams, or if you are looking for a tutor to provide regular tuition over an extended period of time..


We ask that parents and mature students leave First Tutors: Canada feedback about their tutor. Your comments provide objective recommendations for other users and highlight any negative experiences you may have had to your tutor. If you would like to direct admin attention to any comments, please email us directly after leaving feedback.