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Tips for Teachers & Tutor: How to Gain and Maintain the Attention of Your Students

September 13th, 2012 by Isa

The most common reasons students fail to pay attention (both in class and during their tutoring) is because they believe the lesson is dull or that it does not apply to them. Students have to be convinced that what is being taught directly relates to them.

Here are some tactics that will help gain and maintain the attention of your students.

Teach Lessons through Storytelling

Storytelling, regardless of genre or presentation, is one of the most ... Read More »

Summertime Tutoring

June 26th, 2012 by Isa

For many tutors summertime brings with it a the joys of longer days and better weather. These days can be enjoyed at even greater length due to what tutors will notice to be a rapidly dwindling number of tuition requests. Summertime is not, generally, a time associated with tutoring, and many tutors will glumly count the months until term begins and both requests and cash-flow begin to increase once more.

However, there is one summer-time market that is often over-looked by private ... Read More »

Online Tuition - The pros and cons

May 17th, 2012 by Isa

Welcome to the First Tutors: Canada blog! Here we will publish posts we hope will be of interest to all our users. As our first subject we decided to introduce online tuition, which we consider to be a widely under-utilized resource. Please feel free to share your comments and make suggestions of any subjects you would like to know more about!

Offering tuition via the Internet is growing i... Read More »

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