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My name is Marina and I am 22 years old. I came to London 5 years ago to do a foundation course at Kaplan college. I then moved to Manchester to pursue a degree in Economics. I graduated last year and currently tutoring economics full time. Economics has always been something I am interested in and I am happy to have graduated with an economics degree and really enjoy sharing my experience and knowledge with students. I am very passionate when it comes to tutoring, it fills me with happiness when there is a simple concept a student doesn't get and then I explain and the get it.

Tutoring Experience

It all started when I finished my IGCSE, I had a few months break before starting my foundation course. I applied to a primary school and started tutoring English, Maths and Religious studies. Since then I realised that this is something I really enjoy, I loved explaining to children. It was really nice seeing how it started by these children knowing so little about these subjects and then knowing so much. Since I started tutoring I never stopped, I started tutoring my cousins, friends of friends and students that approached me. During my foundation course i managed to tutor a few children one on one in London as thats where i was based. Then i moved to Manchester to pursue a degree in Economics, It was difficult for me to find students to tutor face to face so i started tutoring online. Since i started my degree i started tutoring online and offline based on student preferences. I have been tutoring Maths and Economics for 5+ years.

Tutoring Approach

My approach differs based on the student needs and learning style. However, my teaching philosophy is based on encouraging students to relate to real world examples as that is a crucial part in understanding economics. I start by determining a student's weakness and then I follow a 3 step procedure that i have been using throughout my studies and its proven successful.

1.Explain: The first thing is making sure that the student understands the topic fully. This means covering all content and solidifying the economic knowledge. This is done by going through the text book and through many examples to make sure the student is confident in the topic.

2.Reason: This step is a crucial part in economics, you always need to back up any answer in the exam. In this step I make sure the student understands why his answer is correct. They need to know how to back up the theory they are using to reach a conclusion. Real world examples will come useful in this step.

3:Apply: After the student understands the topic full and understand the reasons behind things then they can move to the final step. In this step we tackle exam questions based on the board they will be sitting. I believe that the more past paper questions answered the better the results.

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