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I am an EU student from Lithuania who had completed A levels in the UK in Concord College. I have received offers to study Medicine at Imperial College London and University College London (UCL) and I have accepted the offer to study at UCL from 2015. I am now a 3rd year Medical student. I have a busy lifestyle as I aim to participate in a variety of different activities ranging from sports such as golf, tennis and regular exercise in the gym to playing the piano, cooking and others. I have been maintaining a good balance between work and my lifestyle since I was a child, and I believe it is key when wanting to improve one's academic performance.

Tutoring Experience

I began tutoring when I was 16 years old when some of my friends and classmates struggled to understand the material that we were going through at the time. This mostly involved teaching english language and maths as well as sharing the study skills that have helped me over the years.
My paid experience in tutoring began in 2016, when I was offered to participate in a program ran by Concord College, called Concord College Online. I was assigned to tutor 2 students potentially wanting to study Medicine, who were starting A2 at the school, with whom I made video calls to tutor for 1 hour, 5 hours in total for each student. During the time I could share my own experience of what helped me to have a successful application to study Medicine, do practice interviews and evaluate the student's performance.
My most recent teaching experience took place in July 2017 in Concord College as I was invited to take part in their newest program - the University Medicine Preparation Course. This course was ran for 2 weeks where I was offered to help out as a course assistant. The students that were participating in this program were about to enter A2 and were aiming to apply to study Medicine. They had to attend lectures ran by various experienced lecturers from Oxford, Cambridge, various London Universities, Birmingham and others. My role was to make sure that the program was running smoothly as well as to take care of the students and their concerns. Me and the other 3 course assistants were involved in running evening activities for the students as well as mock interviews with subsequent feedback, sharing our own experiences about the application process, what were the difficulties that we had faced, what it is like being a Medical student and how to make sure one can be a good candidate to study Medicine.
I have also volunteered tutoring at the Islington and Angel 6th form Centre where I could tutor AS students medical ethics, along with several other 2nd year medical students.

Tutoring Approach

I am quite flexible when it comes to the style of teaching as I believe that it is important to adapt to the tutee's requirements as well as the subjects being taught and apply the methods that work best for them. However usually I present a plan of what we are going to cover on the day, check if that suits the tutee, find out what is expected by the student and depending on the subject being taught, either share my own experience, notes, study methods or simply explain how the problem should be approached, what works best when trying to solve it and how to make sure that other problems are solved in the same way. I believe that it is very useful to use images when trying to understand new material, drawing or using other resources, using effective colour coding and make various associations to aid memory and learning. I may also share some methods on how to effectively learn new material that is difficult to remember such as in languages, anatomy, pharmacology an so on. Again, this all depends on the tutee and the style of learning that suits them the most.

LanguagesLithuanian, English (British)
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