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I am a masters student at the Technische Universität Berlin, studying computational neuroscience. Broadly speaking, this amounts to a combination of mathematics, computing, cell biology and psychology. Before joining TU Berlin, I gained a first class degree in maths from the University of Bristol, before spending four years qualifying as a lawyer.

However, I found my love of science to be too strong - so I have returned to university to reacquaint myself with academia and to further my scientific interests.

My enthusiasm for and interest in maths and science extends to explaining tricky concepts to others. During my time at law school, I worked as a tutor - and I found sharing my enthusiasm and providing encouragement, help, and guidance to pupils of mine to be incredibly fulfilling. While working at a City law firm, I would write articles explaining difficult mathematical ideas (such as the concepts underlying Bitcoin) and assist in explaining complex mathematical patents to colleagues who were less comfortable with maths.

Besides maths and science, I have an abiding interest in language - which is what drew me to law - and in society and politics in general. I would be happy to have conversations with my pupils about 'off-topic' subjects - or even simply to be employed to provide general intellectual stimulation.

Tutoring Experience

I have worked as a tutor of mathematics, physics, and chemistry preparing students for 11+ and 13+ Common Entrance, individual school entrance, GCSE, and undergraduate exams, as well as for the Eton King's Scholarship exams.

I am able to teach mathematics and physics to A-level (and certain topics at undergraduate level), law to A-level, and chemistry to GCSE.

Tutoring Approach

Maths is unique in its ability to strike abject fear into the hearts of its students. My goal is to allow my students to approach maths without it being a cause of anxiety - and to spend time explaining and revealing just how much sense maths makes. It can take a little while at first, but if explained with patience and in a friendly manner, maths can simply 'click', even for the students who struggle the most.

Of course, this requires making sure the basics are rock solid, before moving on to more complex concepts: trying to build on shaky foundations is usually an unwise strategy! I therefore ensure that students not only know what to do, but why they're doing it - this leads, usually, to students' feeling a great sense of accomplishment after understanding exactly how and why the answer is what it is - rather than the vague sense of confusion we feel when we get an answer right, but we're not quite sure how we got there...

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