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I'm a Singaporean working in London, having completed an internship with Barclays Investment Bank and about to start work with a strategy consulting firm either in the City or Dubai next January. I've started a business during my time at Cambridge, and have picked up several languages, coding languages and business skills along the way. I'm keen on learning about people and understanding them, as well as working towards helping the poor in the future.

Tutoring Experience

I've taught and helped many peers and students throughout my time. Most recently, I helped several students get their offers from Cambridge (through another website). I also tutored a student from Durham University on Financial Econometrics while I was studying the same course in year 2. Before that, I gave extensive Singapore A Levels and International Baccalaureate tuition in Mathematics and Economics while still residing in Singapore.

Tutoring Approach

I always start by understanding more about the student, spending a bit of time learning about them and what they want from the tuition process. This gives me insight to their way of learning and provides me with information that I can use to further their academic and post-academic interests.

After that, I diagnose where I think I can help them best, breaking down the problem into smaller parts and focusing on the weakest points first. For example, several students I tutored before were weak in logic but confident in numbers. For them, I took away the number focus and presented new ways of looking at a problem, either through diagrams or pictures. This helped simplify the issue and guided them to new levels in their work.

LanguagesEnglish (British), Chinese
AvailabilityWeekends, Weekdays (evenings)
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Cambridge University2016Bachelors2.1 BA Economics
ACS (Independent)2010College43/45 International Baccalaureate
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