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Chanel Lace

Chanel Lace

Music and Drama Tuition in Stevenage

My name is Chanel Lace and I am a Classically trained Soprano singer from Stevenage in Hertfordshire, With an extensive background in the Performing Arts.

My love of singing and performance began as a desire to intoxicate an audience, bringing people into a world where they can forget everything outside and for them to feel alive as the curtains rise and wanting for a song to never end.
When my love of music and singing began, it quickly became a part of my soul, lighting up the path of performance in ways nothing else could. My passion to connect with people was nurtured for many years so I could bring a sense of peace and love to those around me.

Tutoring Experience

I have worked on stage for many years in and around London, highlighting my devotion for connecting to people through music. Classically trained from the age of twelve, I gained the in depth knowledge of how important vocal technique and breathing exercises are, along with a dairy free diet nurturing the vocal chords only to enhance the clearest sound.
For the last three years I have worked teaching children of all ages and abilities, Drama Techniques, Life Skill Classes, Dance, Public Speaking, Vocal Training and Singing to encourage confidence and self-belief in their performance and everyday life.

Tutoring Approach

I feel exceptionally competent in working with students of all ages and abilities with a keen interest in those with Confidence issues and Special Educational Needs. I believe in building on identifying their strengths and weaknesses teaching a lesson on promoting individual growth and achievement through song.
When done in the right way singing lessons can be crucial in training a child's ear and vocal technique. Children exposed to singing can grow up confident in using their technique and become more inclined to hold conversation with good vocal projection. I aim to nurture the voice by teaching good breath control, posture, choosing the correct genre of music to suit the child's range, working on scales and learning a song while training the ear to hear it perfectly. Children who sing but were never taught proper technique often develop hard-to-break bad habits that can actually lead to vocal damage when they get older.
For an older student I aim to assist them in achieving the perfect sound whilst maintaining the best possible vocal function. I will guide them on quickly developing their technique to encourage a smooth sound.
We will learn about the sound waves produced by vocal chords and shape of the larynx, tongue, lips and mouth to produce a better sound. We will work on projection, the pronunciation of words and to use clear diction. We will work with style, delivery, improvisation and presentation.

LanguagesEnglish (British)
AvailabilityWeekends, Weekdays (all times)
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The Nobel School2014SchoolA Level English Literature
The Nobel School2014SchoolA Level Theatre Studies
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The Rose Bruford College2017CollegeTheatre Studies Degree
Chanel Lace
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Casual Learner£25£22.50