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Hi, my name is Ben, and in case the 'Dr' sounds scary, I have worked in both the private and public sectors, doing everything from consultancy and management to building site work. It was from being in the 'real world' that i gained a love for my subject and the process of learning, seeing education as a genuine means for change in people. I moved to Cheltenham in 2010 to complete a Ph.D., and outside of formal teaching, publishing and conference talks i would like the chance to contribute locally and maybe make a difference to someone, passing on my enthusiasm for learning and self-education.

Tutoring Experience

After completing my Masters, I took up a PGCE in RE and Citizenship for secondary school. I taught yr7 - yr13. World Religions to GCSE and Philosophy, Religion and Ethics (RPE) at A level. I also taught Citizenship (PSHE). Due to personal reasons i left secondary school teaching and changed career, which still involved teaching and mentoring, from team leader talks, to sales training, to pitching ideas and presentations in the boardroom. Eventually i returned to Higher Education, where i have completed a Ph.D. During, my time at the University of Gloucestershire i have lectured on RPE as well as Sociology modules. I have given first year seminars on essay writing, and research skills. Through the 'Aim Higher' scheme i have mentored in local schools/ academies around Gloucester, usually taking yr 9-10 pupils and looking at post-GCSE options, improving attitudes towards education by building confidence in their own abilities.

Tutoring Approach

My tutoring style is a reflection on how i learn, which is mainly discussion based, however, not everyone learns the same way so that would need to be established in order to provide the best learning support. A learning environment is as important as the information one is being asked to learn, so however one learns best a space will need to be created. No subject is boring, there is only boring teaching, which can also be the failure to connect with an idea. So i try to make the information as accessible as possible. Of course learning is a 2-way process, so for as much enthusiasm or expertise i may bring one cannot be forced to learn and it has to be a collaboration. I am as at ease working from textbooks, e-sources or original source materials, but the other person has to be willing to work.

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The University College of Plymouth, St Mark & St John, UK2003Bachelorstheology, philosophy with sociology
The University of Exeter, UK2004Mastersphilosophy and sociology of culture
The University College of Plymouth, St Mark & St John, UK2005PGCEReligous Education
The University of Gloucestershire, UK 2014DoctoratePhilosophy of Science
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