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Most of the UK is covered by our wide network of tutors, however there are always a few opportunities for new tutors to find assignments in areas where we currently have no coverage. If you are a tutor and can help any of these tutees, please register with us to get in touch and start tutoring immediately! Remember, these are only the assignments where there are no tutors at present - if there is nothing listed in your area that's probably because another tutor is already helping that tutee.

Expert Skills: Internet/Email near LS11 9
Request made: 19/02/2017
1 hours per week for 8 week(s)

Dear Trainer,

I am looking for a tutor for computer forensics and security module and we have a subject called computer communication and this subject talks about HTTP and that sort of stuff I find it difficult to understand so please could you let me know your availability.



Intermediate Web: ASP/.NET near SL3 0
Request made: 16/02/2017
1 hours per week for 8 week(s)

Dear Trainer,


I have a project that working on ( Visual Studio ASP.NET) & SQL Server Management. (( The deadline tomorrow night ))

and you have to connect the SQL server to the ASP.NET

you have to design a profile page & admin page

The profile page it shows your CV
The admin page you can edit your profile.

and here the specification requirement.
Assessment Task
Note you are not allowed to use frameworks such as Bootstrap, Foundation. All code should be your own.

Assignment objectives:
The objective of this assignment is to enable student to demonstrate their ability to:
o Perform CRUD operations against a database
o Build a site that utilises this database to allow users to view and update this information

Assessment Specification
You are tasked with creating a personal student academic profile page. This page should highlight the students academic achievements and awards.
The page should act as your personal profile page akin to a linkedIn profile page. The strategy with a personal page such as this is that a potential employer will find this link first through search engines allowing this page to act as your professional online c.v.
This site can be a one page site with a profile image and a breakdown of your academic achievements.
There needs to be a way for you to login and edit all content that may need updating including changing the image on this site.


Beginner Languages: C# near HA9 9
Request made: 11/02/2017
6 hours per week for 8 week(s)

Dear Trainer,

I am looking for a tutor for Beginner Languages: C#, please could you let me know your availability.

i need help making c# application for the web



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