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Most of the UK is covered by our wide network of tutors, however there are always a few opportunities for new tutors to find assignments in areas where we currently have no coverage. If you are a tutor and can help any of these tutees, please register with us to get in touch and start tutoring immediately! Remember, these are only the assignments where there are no tutors at present - if there is nothing listed in your area that's probably because another tutor is already helping that tutee.

Individual Management near B12 0
Request made: 14/01/2018
1 hours per week for 8 week(s)

Dear Trainer,

I am looking for a tutor for my sister who is studying Business Enterprise at Birmingham College University
She has one dissertation and two modules which have one assignment each
The main is to concentrate firstly on dissertation

Please can you contact me for further information on **Removed By Admin**