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Which Trainer?

You're looking for an IT trainer who can clearly and patiently communicate and you to advance your IT skills.

To assist you in selecting your IT trainer we've given each teacher the opportunity to talk about their qualifications, experience and approach to IT training.

Teaching Approach

Consider your prospective IT trainer's approach to lessons. You might be looking for someone to prepare a clear training curriculum for professional purposes or alternatively a more casual trainer to help you learn at the weekends who will teach according to your queries on the day. Alternatively, you might want a trainer who can teach you a very specific aspect of a programming language and whose specialist knowledge is going to be vital.

Logistical requirements

We provide the option to browse by logistical requirements. For example, if you are unable to travel, we list those trainers willing to travel to you first.

Duration of training

Everyone looks for a trainer who can teach for a certain length of time. So, if you're looking for a trainer with whom you can build a long-term relationship to help you firm up your skills, do state that. We provide a form for you to state how much training you estimate you will need when contacting trainers so that both parties are clear on potential durations.


We encourage clients to give feedback about their IT trainer so other users can benefit from recommendations.