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Which Music Teacher?

Your music tutor must be more than just a teacher. They must be an inspirational guide who is fully dedicated to your musical advancement. To help you select your perfect music teacher we've given each one the opportunity to talk about their qualifications, experience and approach to music tutoring.

Teaching Approach

When considering your prospective teacher's approach to teaching, you have to take into account both your musical aims and what style of teaching works best for you. For example, a teacher with plenty of gigging experience may help ignite your passion for the guitar, while an academic tutor may be just what's needed if you want to master advanced musical theory. The best tutoring relationships are often formed when tutor and tutee share a common interest.

Specialist Requirements

We provide the option to browse by specialist requirements. For example, if you want a music teacher who will come to your home or office, we list those teachers willing to travel to you first.

Tuition Duration

When you contact a teacher, be sure to tell them how long you wish to be tutored for. So, if you're looking to master an instrument over a period of years, make sure they can commit to a solid long-term chunk of that period; likewise, if you're just looking to polish your technique before a concert, please make them aware of the short-term nature of your requirement. When you contact teachers we provide a form for you to state how many lessons you think you'll need.


We encourage learners to give feedback on their music teacher so other users can benefit from their recommendations.