Top Maths Resources to Make Revision More Enjoyable

by Emily

When it comes to improving your Maths, there's no substitute for practise and hard work. It doesn't have to be a dull process though, thanks to the host of lively Maths resources that you'll find on the Internet.

Our Pick of Top Maths Resources

Happily, many of the Maths resources available are free and easily accessible. Here is our pick of the Maths bunch:

NRICH Maths Project - This is a joint project between the Faculties of Mathematics and Education at The University of Cambridge and aims to make Maths engaging and relevant across the primary and secondary national curricula. There is lots of great stuff here for teachers and pupils.

Math Playground - An engaging series of Maths puzzles awaits at Math Playground, encouraging students to apply their skills.

BBC Skillswise - Targeted at adults, the BBC's Skillswise website has an excellent Maths section that provides numeracy advice and activities in line with the UK's Adult Learning Curriculum. It even has a specialist tutors' page.

MathWorld - Stephen Wolfram is one of the world's most famous mathematicians. His MathWorld site is billed as 'the world's most extensive resource' and contains an easy-to-access glossary of mathematical terms with clear definitions.

Advanced Mathematics Support Program - In the "Students" section, this site has some great resources, sorted by level (e.g. GCSE, A Levels).

Mr Barton - This website's stated aim is to 'get everyone enjoying their maths a bit more, through a plethora of resources for tutors and exercises for students.

Maths Zone - This is a hub of Maths activity and resources for pupils up to and including Key Stage 4.

Need More Help in Maths?

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