What to Do Before and After a University Open Day

by Christine Chadwick

University open days can be fun, social, and full of great prospects for your future. They are a great venue to be social, network, and scope out what kind of future university would be a good fit for you. You will be able to see what sets the potential universities apart, and meet representatives who can answer any questions you have. There are things you should do and consider before and after attending a university open day to make yourself stand out from the crowd.

Before attending the open day, you may want to brush up on your interviewing skills. Not that talking to representatives will be a make or break for you, but it never hurts to make a good impression. Social skills will come in handy your whole career and your whole life, so it's a great time to get started.

Before you attend, you may also want to arm yourself with a list of questions you may want to ask. You may want to know anything from cost of tuition, what types of courses are offered, extracurricular activities, sports, etc. You might also want to know what it takes to get into the university. Ask as many questions as you can think of, it never hurts to have too much information. It will help you make the decision if it is the right place for you or not.

You can also think about your experience in retrospect after you've attended. If it was your first open day, think about the things you could do better the next time. Think of more questions you'd like to ask or think of how you could have made a better impression. It's good to look back and learn from your experiences and gain valuable experience from them.

No matter what, it's good to prepare yourself both before and after an open day. Not only will you make a lasting impression, but you will gain valuable skills for your future. It's good to get out and see what these fairs have to offer so you can better direct the sails of your future. You never know what you are going to learn, and it's good to be open to these new experiences.