5 Skills to Develop Over Summer

by Sara Vazquez Shaw

While the summer holidays offer students time off from the regular routine of school, it's also the ideal time to improve academic skills like reading and even job skills to increase one's chances of getting accepted into a university. Here's a list of 5 skills to develop over the summer.

Boost Literacy Skills

Broaden your vocabulary by reading the latest best-selling book in your favourite genre while lounging in a chair at the beach or pool. When you discover a word that you don't know the meaning off, look it up in the dictionary. Then, write it down and try to use that work in some of your daily conversation with others. Not only will learning new words sharpen your communication skills, it'll help you earn higher grades in English.

Learn New Job Skills

Many students work either part-time or full-time during summer vacation. Instead of just flipping burgers at the local McDonald's, seek out a job opportunity that builds job skills that will look good on a college application. For example, aspiring nurses can seek jobs in hospitals where they interact with medical staff and patients. Up-and-coming engineers can secure positions as assistants to surveyors. Prospective teachers can find summer jobs with an opportunity to work with children and build their own leadership skills. The point is to secure a summer job that is meaningful to your career interest and one where you can learn new skills.

Enhance Communication Skills

Strengthening your communication skills builds confidence and your own personal presence. It's also an important tool for success in school and work. Consider taking a summer workshop in communication skills to learn how to express ideas concisely and clearly. Even throw a summer party and test out your new skills. After all, learning should be fun!

Brush-Up on Homework Skills

Homework is an important aspect of the educational system, as it has been proven to enhance learning outcomes. Brush up on your self-regulation skills that entail homework, such as setting goals, time management, self-monitoring and completing tasks. Pick a subject, such as maths, where you would like to practice and learn more. Go ahead and set up your own mini-curriculum for the summer and complete it independently. When it comes to homework skills, practice makes perfect.

Strengthen Academic Weaknesses

If there is a specific subject that you're weak in, such as maths or science, take a summer course in that subject. These courses don't entail a lot of time, so you don't have to worry about losing summertime fun. Zero in on where you're weak, and sign up for a course that covers those areas. When school rolls around again, you'll be a step ahead.

The trick to developing skills during your summer vacation is to pick skills that have true meaning in your everyday life and future. Be sure to integrate the time set aside to develop those skills with some fun by enjoying friends and summertime activities like jet skiing or surfing.

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