4 Ways to Use iPads for Learning

by Christine Chadwick

From propping up on a kitchen counter to follow a recipe to passing it around a family reunion to share holiday photos, the uses of an iPad are many. A multitude of teachers and students nationwide now use it for learning, especially at the college level. Here are some great ways to use iPads for learning:

1. Bring an iPad to class

One of the best things about the iPad is its portability. It's lightweight and slim, making it even easier to tote to class than a laptop. Because it can lay flat, it's also more discreet for in-classroom use. The iPad's multifunctional aspects allow you to easily look up a word in the dictionary, take class notes, and double check that online message board for class, all in the matter of a few seconds.

2. Read an e-book on an iPad

Although many people, millennial and twenty-something's included, still tend to prefer reading print books, it's often both more convenient and cheaper to locate an e-book. For most students, book storage space is limited in a dorm room or small apartment. Digital books cut down on clutter and are easy to use. Downloading an e-book on an iPad makes catching up on class reading assignments a breeze. Just be sure your device is charged before hitting the heavy page turning (or page swiping).

3. Put together a PowerPoint presentation on an iPad

Students can now download a Microsoft PowerPoint app to use on an iPad. Although students may still prefer building their PowerPoint presentations on a desktop or laptop screen for visibility's sake, transporting them to class is easy with an iPad. Sharing a PowerPoint presentation with your class is now smoother than ever, thanks to apps like Slideshow Remote. All you need is your iPad, a Wifi connection, and an external device like a projector or TV, and your PowerPoint piece comes to life for all the class to see.

4. Stay plugged in to your studies with an iPad

Almost every course now has a digital aspect to it, whether inside or outside the classroom. Professors often post assignments and test dates on an online platform, some even preferring to receive digitally submitted written work. The iPad is a great way to stay on top of your class workloads. Certain apps like Blackboard Mobile Learn are specifically geared toward allowing students easy digital access to all of their course information in one place. Some teachers even encourage students to share information about class projects or lectures via social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook.

When entering a new class, feel out the situation. Some professors remain old-fashioned, desiring printed and stapled written assignments be placed on their desks. Countless others are excited about new technology and encourage its use in the classroom. Be polite and respectful when inquiring about bringing tech devices into a lecture theatre. How you use your iPad outside of the classroom to help you learn is entirely up to you.

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