4 Reasons Class Size Matters

by Grace Dickins

Class size might seem like a trivial thing, but under the surface, there are many reasons why the size of a classroom matters. Statistics and research point toward the great benefits of having a small number of students in a learning environment. Here are just some of the reasons why a small classroom can foster greater learning:

1. Individualised attention

With smaller class sizes, each student can receive the one-on-one attention they need. If a student has a question, he or she can easily get it answered. Students may also feel more comfortable asking for help if they don't feel overwhelmed by a large number of students in the classroom. It's great for a student to be able to raise his or her hand, ask a question, and have an answer explained until the student understands. With a larger classroom, teachers have to move on more rapidly, leaving some students in the dust.

2. Better test scores

Research shows when students are in smaller classes they excel more with test scores. Again, as stated above, individualised attention helps students learn more and at a more comfortable pace. They are able to go over concepts again and again and get the practice they need before moving to the next topic. They feel more confident in their abilities to do well in testing and can go over test materials more in-depth with their teachers if need be.

3. A feeling of community

In smaller classes, students are able to get to know their fellow students more closely creating a greater sense of care and community. This can also help reduce teasing and bullying. With a greater sense of community comes a greater need for everyone to stand up for each other and treat each other like family.

4. Better for teacher

If the teacher is happy, everyone is happier. A teacher can get the point across and make sure he or she is being clear when class sizes are smaller. Teachers can be more effective and may even enjoy their jobs more with smaller class sizes. They are more likely to be relaxed and less stressed out in their jobs. Not to mention they are able to come to student's aid more readily, giving those students more one-on-one attention, especially to those who need it. Teachers can also get to know their students more intimately and cater to the students' learning style.

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