Six Productive Ways to Spend Free Time in High School

by Sara Vazquez Shaw

Free time may seem hard to come by, but you may occasionally find yourself with extra time on your hands. You could just grab the remote and see what's new on TV. Instead, consider these six strategic ways to spend free time.

1. Get Lost in a Book

Step away from your smart phone, and pick up a book instead. If you're not sure what to read, refer to a go-to list of books. Include everything from friends' and professors' recommendations to best sellers in your favourite genre. Is there an academic topic you've been meaning to learn more about? This is the perfect opportunity to enrich your knowledge.

2. Learn a Language

In our increasingly global environment, admissions officers and employers alike are on the lookout for candidates with language abilities. These skills will also come in handy if you choose to travel internationally. Swedish scientists have determined that learning a language can keep your brain in shape. It's even been linked with later onset of Alzheimer's disease! Learning a language takes time, but a number of resources are available to help you learn on your own time.

3. Clean Your Room

You've probably been hearing this one since you were five, but the incentives remain the same. A clean, clutter-free space promotes organisation and has even been linked with lower stress level. By removing external stimuli from your environment, you also improve your ability to focus.

4. Meditate

This ancient practice has many proven modern applications. Whether you're hoping to increase your energy level, enhance your ability to concentrate, or simply relax, meditation takes only minutes a day but has manifold payoffs.

5. Make a Bucket List

Research from Dominican University indicates that people who write down and share their goals are 33 percent more likely to accomplish them. Whether personal or professional, take a minute to identify your goals and commit them to paper.

6. Focus on Family Time

While your friends may be the center of your universe right now, college will be here before you know it. When was the last time you hung out with your little brother or went grocery shopping with your mom? Spend time with your family while you're still under the same roof.

Being smart about how you spend your free time can have unexpected results. Not only can these six tips help you learn and grow as a person, but they can also help you reach your goals and improve your quality of life.

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