Four Ways to Help Your Child Have a Successful Gap Year

by Christine Chadwick

You might be the parent of a student who wants to take a gap year before starting university. This can be a time of big change in their lives and there are some steps you can take as a parent to ensure your child has a successful gap year.

1. Provide Support

If your child is interested in taking a gap year, sit down and listen to what he/she has to say. Inquire about your child's reasoning and what he/she plans to do during that time off. For instance, does your child want to learn a new language? Does your child want to travel the world? Your child's answers may very well surprise you. However, it is important you hear your child out whether or not you agree with the idea.

2. Help Plan

Find out when the deadlines are for applying to "gap organisations." If the choice to take a gap year has only come about recently then once your child receives acceptance letters and chooses a university, find out about deferral options.

3. Discuss Options

There are countless options for gap years. The most common options include travel, internships, volunteering, and working a paid job. Travel opportunities allow your child to see different parts of the world or even live in another country. Internships give students a taste of a particular field. Through volunteer work at home or abroad, students can give back to the community. Finally, students can earn money and gain real-life experience through a paid job.

Help your child find educational resources about gap years. There are an array of books and websites to learn more about the gap year experience.

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