Four Tips for Making up Assignments

by Sara Vazquez Shaw

In an ideal world, students would never miss class and would always get their assignments in on time. Occasionally, something unexpected comes up that interferes with school. If you miss class due to a medical emergency, a surprise job interview, or any other unforeseen circumstance, you may have an assignment or two to make up as a result. Here are four tips on how to go about making up assignments in the event you miss them.

1. Know the Importance of Your Assignments

Especially in the younger grades (elementary to high school), it's helpful for students to realise just how important assignments are in the first place. If you're unsure of how relevant a certain assignment is, ask your professor to explain its importance. Knowing the part an assignment plays in the overall class can make you less likely to skip doing it.

2. Contact Your Teacher as Soon as Possible

If you know ahead of time that you're going to miss a quiz or test, let your professor know. Send a politely worded email or talk to your professor before or after class. Tell him/her the reason you'll be absent and ask how you can make up the assignment. Be accommodating as far as deadlines go. Occasionally, professors may ask students to make up an assignment prior to the date of the missed class. If this is the case, be sure you are prepared to complete the work early.

3. Be Prepared for Different Make-up Policies

Many instructors have different makeup policies, especially at the college level. Respect these policies, and ask your teacher any questions if you're confused about his/her policy. Oftentimes, late or made-up assignments can be submitted online, which allows students a convenient method if they are out of town or unable to turn in an assignment in person. Be aware that if it's a test or quiz you've missed, you'll probably have to go in person to take the make-up.

4. Make Friends or Acquaintances

It's always good to have individuals in your classes to whom you can turn for help or advice with assignments. Even if you don't find yourself spending time with them outside of class, sharing and discussing notes is useful when it comes to making up assignments. Be sure not to use and abuse your fellow classmates, though. Show your gratitude in return for their help or advice.

When enrolled in any class, try to show up for each session. Being present is the best thing you can do to succeed in the class. Your instructor will truly appreciate it, as well!