Five Signs Your Child Needs a Tutor

by Christine Chadwick

Between demanding studies, extracurricular activities, and busy family lives, individual attention can help students of all ages and abilities. Perhaps you've found yourself wondering how to give your child a more enjoyable academic experience. These five signs can help you determine whether it's time to HIRE A TUTOR.

1. Low Test Scores

Whether you've noticed a slip in your child's grades or simply believe he/she can do better, a tutor can offer valuable partnership in getting your child back on track. The right tutor can offer insights into your child's strengths and identify any areas of weakness. A tutor will proactively work with your child to help him/her master problematic areas.

2. Confidence Issues

Low self-esteem can affect your child's report card. Changes in a child's self-esteem are often caused by struggles in school. Unfortunately, this can have a domino effect, leading to anxiety about tests, homework, and attendance. A tutor can immediately identify skill gaps and work with your child to correct them. A wonderful side benefit is a boost in your child's self-esteem that will carry over into all areas of life.

3. Trouble with Time Management

Procrastination is normal, but if your child is constantly avoiding assignments, it may indicate that he/she is stuck or cannot handle the workload. A tutor can work with your child to teach positive study habits, learn the material, and instill a sense of self-motivation.

4. Life Changes

A new job, the birth of a baby, or a recent move may prevent you from offering your child the same level of help as before. In addition, you may notice that homework load increases as your child advances from grade to grade. If you're unable to fit homework help into your schedule, a tutor can act as an invaluable backup.

The largest study ever on parental involvement in children's lives indicated that parents can actually have a negative impact on homework grades. For this reason, consider hiring a trained tutor instead of trying to help with topics you're unfamiliar with.

5. Learning Disability Diagnosis

If your child has been diagnosed with a learning disability, you may be trying to understand how it affects him/her academically. Many tutors are trained in teaching children with learning disabilities. They can offer specialised sessions aimed at helping kids establish healthy study habits and learn in the manner that suits them best.

One last sign that your child may need a tutor is your own intuition. If you feel like your child may be struggling at school, quick, corrective action is in order. PRIVATE TUTORS not only ensure that kids' needs are being met, but that their academic experience remains positive, too.

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