4 Ways to Make Parents Feel More Involved

by Christine Chadwick

As you grow and mature, it's easy for parents to feel left in the dust. It's not that they want to control your life, it's just that they want to still feel like they are a part of your life and that their opinion matters. They love you, and they want to know you are well.

There are ways to help your parents feel more involved in your life as you grow more independent. They will appreciate that you take the time to stop and think about them, even with your growing and busy life.

1. Call them

Simply picking up the phone and letting he or she know how your day was can make a parent's day. You might think you have nothing exciting to say, but your parents don't care. They want to know what you've been up to, how your day was, what you're feeling, and just that you are simply OK.

2. Involve them

You will have major milestones in your life; it might be with your career, school, relationships, or living situations. Running your thoughts by your parents and letting them know what's going on can help them feel like part of your life. They may even have some good advice for you along the way.

3. Appreciate them

The simple act of saying thank you can do wonders for your relationship with your parents. Your parents do for you more than you could ever know, and they've likely sacrificed many things just for you to be where you are today. A 'thank you' can go a long way, and show them you do love them, you're thinking about them and demonstrate your appreciation for what they have done for you.

4. Ask for help

Your parents have spent a good portion of your life helping you do things. Once you are grown up and out of the house, you no longer need as much help. Parents realise this, but also miss helping you through life. It's what they do best!

Your parents have been in your shoes before. They are full of life stories and experience. Never be afraid to ask your parents for help. It doesn't matter how far away you are. Maybe you need help moving, with homework, financially, or something else. Regardless, don't be afraid to ask. Your parents are valuable resources and chances are they'll love to help you out if they can.

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