3 Tips for Surviving Homesickness

by Grace Dickins

For all the college or university planning you may have done, one thing you probably were not prepared for was homesickness. Many students are initially excited at the prospect of being on their own, but all it takes is one bad day to make you long for the comforts of home. However, there are some great tips that may help make things a bit easier on you.

Know you aren't alone

It is important that you understand what you are going through is completely normal. The fact of the matter is that there are many, many students that are feeling homesick just as you are. Don't think because you are feeling those emotions that something is wrong with you. Homesickness is just part of an adjustment period.

Become familiar with your new surroundings

Take time to be comfortable with the whole new world around you. Walk around the campus and explore all you can. If you are tired of studying in the library, look for some secret study spots or be sure you know where the quiet café shop is located. The more that you enter into the mindset that the campus belongs to you, the more comfortable you may feel.

Get out

Another way to help you deal with being homesick is to get up and get out of your room. Being in your room is the worst place you can be when it comes to being homesick.

Head on down to the cafeteria to see what types of food it offers for breakfast, lunch and dinner. See if there is a cool coffee shop on campus. Check out the computer lab as an alternate means of writing your paper. If you have your own laptop, do your assignments while basking in the warm sunshine.

One of the most important things you can do if you are experiencing homesickness is to have a positive attitude. You need to give yourself ample time to deal with missing home. This is not something you want to let completely control you by any means. Moving away from home is an adjustment, but it can get easier.

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