What Type of MBA is Right for Me?

by Sara Vazquez Shaw

The MBA is one of the most prestigious and sought after degrees. With an MBA program, students study the theory and application of business and management principle and learn critical skills to apply in real world business. An MBA degree is typically required for senior and executive management positions. Along with a variety of employment opportunities, there are a wide array of MBA degrees. So, which type is best for you? Here's an overview of the different types and ways to attain an MBA to set you in the right direction.

Types of MBA Degrees

When it comes to MBA degrees, there are many different disciplines that can be focused on or combined. The most common MBA concentration degrees include accounting, finance, economics, technology management, marketing, business management and global business. The key here is to choose a focus or combination of specialized topics that you're interested in. For example, if you're a techie who has aspirations to one day work for a big tech firm like Cisco, attaining an MBA with a focus on technology management would be a smart move. Those seeking to work for a financial institution like a bank would be wise to focus on an MBA that centers on finance.

Full-Time or Part-Time

Deciding whether to undertake an MBA program full-time or part-time really depends on your lifestyle. On average, a full-time MBA program takes about two years to complete. A part-time MBA program will take approximately four years of your time. For those professionals who have full-time work positions or have familial responsibilities, going part-time may be the best option. There are even weekend MBA programs. This way, you can relax after working all day.

Traditional MBA Program or Online Program

Just like choosing to go full-time or part-time to earn an MBA degree is a personal choice, whether you go to a brick-and-mortar school or learn online. It really depends on your preferred learning style and likely your schedule. For those who work full-time or have families to take care of, taking an online MBA program may be a convenient option. Often, these online programs are flexible. You can log-in when it suits your schedule to complete assignments and study at your own pace. Earn your MBA degree while in your pajamas or cozy sweats. It also saves time, as you won't be battling traffic to get to class on time. But if you're a student who likes to take in the college campus atmosphere, going to a traditional college is probably a good fit. The key here is to choose a conventional college or online program that is properly accredited.

When choosing what type of MBA to sign on for, it really comes down to your career interests, time and preferred learning style. Consider all of these before making your final choice. All around, earning an MBA will open new doors and opportunities.