How to Improve Your Listening Skills

by Christine Chadwick

If you find you are missing concepts, misapplying formulas and struggling with tests in school, the solution may not be studying harder or investing in TUTORING SERVICES. You may need instead to consider whether your listening skills are in need of some help. Even if you believe you are paying close attention classes and lectures, you can profit from an examination of your listening skills and an honest effort to improve them. Here are some ideas.

Location, Location, Location

Instantly increase the odds of your listening and retaining more information while in class by reconsidering where and with whom you sit. Avoid distractions by moving near the front of the classroom and away from friends who might encourage you to make unwise choices. If you are close to the teacher it is much less likely you will pay attention and that you will be willing to ask or answer questions to enhance your understanding. Put away phones and tablets, unless using a table or laptop to take notes, and soak up every syllable of your teacher's presentations.

Be An Active Listener

Know that we think at a speed of about 400 words a minute, far more than can be spoken during the same time, and spend that "extra time" predicting what might be said next, analysing what was just said and summarising the teacher's points. Take notes for the last two functions, perhaps using a different coloured pen for each. Highlight items you do not understand.

When you have attended a few sessions of your teacher's classes or lectures use your knowledge of how he or she presents information to structure your note taking. Listen carefully during the actual classroom or lecture hall session but consider taping the instructor, if allowed, to listen again and review your notes. As you become more adept at following your teacher's style the recordings may become unnecessary and your note taking more useful.

Comment And Question During Classes and Lectures

Be willing to participate in classroom activities to deepen your knowledge. Make your comments brief and on point and answer direct questions to the best of your ability. Do not fear asking for help during class and touch base with the teacher after class to seek more clarification.

Pursue Knowledge And Understanding

If you are still confused about points made during your teacher's class or lecture contact him or her to clarify. Use emails or a face to face meeting to go more into depth to gain understanding and perspective. Refuse to become overwhelmed and to shut down as constructive listening will go by the wayside if you are not vigilant. The most difficult material requires your complete attention. Do not let poor listening habits sideline you when the going gets tougher so act immediately when you feel you are becoming lost.

Join A Study Group And Listen A Different Way

Collaborate with classmates to ensure you have the most correct information and precise formulas and instructions from the teacher's verbal offerings. Discuss the material and the teachers' styles. Be open minded and investigate whether someone else has developed a good method to follow and absorb a teacher's oral classes or instructions.

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