Essentials for the International Business Major

by Sara Vazquez Shaw

International business is so exciting. You get to study different cultures and keep up with markets all around the world. If you are globally oriented, love to travel, or love different cultures and have a business savvy, international business might be for you! There are some essential things to keep in mind if you are planning to major in international business.

Overcoming international barriers

There may be barriers to overcome when you're dealing with international business clients. It's important to be aware and sensitive of these things as you move forward in your business relations. For example, you might be doing business with people from all corners of the world. You might encounter someone who isn't a fan of your country or your country's politics. They may have a preconceived notion about you based on this. It's very important for you to have the skills to overcome barriers such as this. Think about it, do your research and be prepared for any possible obstacles such as this.

Being aware of cultural differences

It's imperative to know the cultural differences when dealing with people from different markets across the world. There may be a different way of greeting someone, a different hand shake, or a different way of eating, just to name a few. Be aware of such things, especially before encountering your international business contacts. It will make your transition to the international business market much smoother. It will also make you look very knowledgeable and you will impress your clients. Showing a cultural awareness means you care enough to take the time to educate yourself.

Knowing your market

Know the market trends in China, or wherever you're business focus is centered. It will help you keep up with the ever changing global market. Know the demographics, the target market, the market trends, and what works in your market. This is by far one of the most important aspects of being an international business person. It is the bread and butter of what you are going to do. Research, research, and then research some more. You can never know too much!

Have an arsenal of other skills to help you in the international market

Whether it be speaking the language or taking a class on the culture of your market, it never hurts to have all kinds of tricks up your sleeve to know your market well. It will help you succeed and show that you have a proven knowledge of your clients. Preparedness is always an attractive quality in any business person.