10 Educational and fun rainy day activities for children

by Anna Michaelidou

We are never really short of rain here in the UK and with rain comes some tough boredom from our children. There's nothing to do today, mum!! or I'm soooo bored! in the whiniest voices, are words that we all frequently hear when children are stuck indoors. Then there is the constant sibling bickering because they can't think of anything better to do; MUM!! She won't give me my phone back!, MUM!! He broke my favourite bracelet that Lilly got me!, DAD!! Where's MUM?!.

So, we have come up with some great educational things to do on those frequent rainy days that are fun and packed full of learning opportunities.


1. Teach a new skill

This could be anything from sewing on their scout badges themselves or learning to knit to learning sign language together. Learning a new skill will spark their imaginations and inspire them to want to learn, whilst keeping their boredom at bay.

2. Cinema Afternoon

Films and documentaries can teach us a host of things from learning about different character traits, how to deal with problems and different views and opinions, so what better way to spend the perfect rainy afternoon than snuggled under blankets together. Take the time to discuss with your child what they thought of the film and what they particularly liked; this will help them retain information.

3. Play Geography games

As ridiculous as it sounds learning geography really can be fun. A globe can be turned into a fun game of find the capital/country and point it out (you can later add a timer to make it more challenging). Drawing flags together and learning about capital cities whilst exploring an atlas can be both fun and extremely educational.

4. Practice science experiments

There is nothing like a good science experiment to make staying indoors fun and with the internet you can find hundreds of fun experiments to try at home with your child. Talk about what your child would like to learn about and make sure they are involved all the way through, from finding the experiment and getting the equipment ready to talking about what happened and recording the results in a scrapbook.

5. Make and bake in the kitchen

Children love cooking and getting their hands dirty so preparing some cookies or cupcakes together makes for another great rainy day activity. And baking is not just about fun your child, it will build their practical skills by allowing them to measure the ingredients, follow recipes, and create their own unique decorating styles. Then you can have a taster tea party and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

6. Read together

Whether it be choosing books to read together or making up fairy-tales, reading can be a great way of spending some quality time together. Take turns in reading pages, read using different voices or change the character traits to make them funny or different; time will fly.


7. Arts and crafts

There are so many arts and crafts for children to do using household recyclable items. You can teach your child about the environment and the different ways we can help to preserve it. Draw or paint pictures, sand art, make a calendar or star chart, build a rocket, play with play doh, the list is endless.

8. Educational board games

There are hundreds of great board games that are fun to play and with a little imagination most can be turned into something educational too. Anything from word games to help boost their vocabulary or building games to build up their coordination skills.

9. Go over any school-work your child may be struggling with

Now this may not sound as fun as playing games or baking cookies but if your child is struggling with a particular subject at school or having trouble keeping up in class then a rainy day at home poses the prefect opportunity for a little extra help. Take the time to go over any issues slowly and patiently and try incorporating a game to make it a little more fun. If your child is struggling at school then a private home tutor would hugely benefit them.

10. Build an indoor den

Children love nothing more than having their own personal space and a den is a fantastic way for them to build up their imagination and sharpen their thinking skills. Let them decide what they could use to build an indoor den whether it be blankets, sheets, chairs or mattresses!

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