4 reasons why teachers and private tutors should work together

by Anna Michaelidou

Teachers are key to a student's education but private tutors also play a large part in the successes of students. There is of course a difference between a teacher and a tutor; a teacher is someone who carries out daily education usually at a school or formal place of education whilst a tutor is someone who gives private lessons and helps students that are struggling with a particular subject or want to get ahead; at home or at the tutor's home.


Here are four very real reasons why teachers and tutors should strive to work together:

1. Tutors can pick-up where teachers leave off

Teachers are faced with having a time-schedule to cover all of the necessary curriculum into their class-time and often can only briefly cover some topics. A tutor, however, will have the time to dedicate to a student and their needs. Tutors often pick-up where teachers leave off and can delve into topics on a much broader scale. If a topic has been covered in the classroom that a student has not completely understood a tutor will be able to explain in further detail to a student, allowing them the necessary time to fully understand the topic and therefore progress as needed.

2. One-to-one attention

One of the greatest benefits of having a private tutor is the individual attention the student will get. A student in a classroom of thirty children simply cannot have the full attention of their teacher. For students that are afraid to ask questions, do not have the time to ask questions or need some more information to gain a better understanding, a tutor is often the best solution. If a tutor has good knowledge of the curriculum followed for the specific years and subjects they teach, this can make a huge difference to the child's learning and understanding of a subject.

A tutor is there to provide additional support to a student and by working together with a teacher will enable the student to progress by offering extra guidance and support for their specific needs.

3. Working towards the same goal

When it comes to a child's education there is no doubt that if the parent, the teacher and the tutor work together they will be encouraging the child to succeed far greater than if they were not. The end goal is the same for all three parties; to ensure the child is maximising their potential. If the teacher, the tutor and the parent all manage to liaise about the student's strengths and weaknesses, lesson plans can be tailored far better to meet the child's needs and with regular communication on all sides the goal they are all working towards will be far easier to reach.

4. In the student's best interest

Tutors are a great way of helping student's struggling with a particular subject and building a child's confidence. A teacher is someone who can often identify any weaknesses and can be great at directing students to seek extra help from a private tutor. If teachers and tutors work together they may well share materials needed to aid the student's progression, thus enabling them to monitor the child's progress more closely.

Find your child a tutor

Finding a private tutor for your child is a brilliant way of ensuring your child is staying ahead. A good private tutor will build a relationship with your child and help them to build their confidence. By ensuring your child's teacher is up-to-date with any private lessons your child may be having and asking them to contribute to any weaknesses your child may need to work on, you will ensure a greater and speedier progression rate and enable your child to better reach their full potential. First Tutors is first for matching children to suitable, experienced and qualified tutors in any subject and for any level. For more information about finding a tutor, the subjects we offer or any other questions you may have you can contact our customer services team.