#SummerKidsRead - First Tutors Competition

by Anna Michaelidou

Summer is coming! And how many of us are looking forward to lounging on the beach with the sun beaming down on us and our favourite book in our hands? Our kids on the other hand are looking forward to six weeks of no lessons, fun days out and as little school-work as possible.


We all know that getting children to read can be like getting round to putting the winter clothes away and replacing them with summer ones; basically a real chore. But it is a proven fact that children that keep up with their reading over the summer holidays are more likely to see a great improvement in their reading abilities and vocabulary building. They will also be more ready to get back into the swing of school when those gates open for the first time again in early September and avoid the inevitable summer slide.

So how can we encourage our children to read over the summer and build up their reading skills? Here are four great tips:

1. Read to your child - reading to your child will not only build their listening comprehension skills but help build their vocabulary and motivate them to want to read for themselves.

2. Let them choose what they are going to read - take a trip to your local library or a book-store and let your child choose their own book. Of course a little help and the odd suggestion can go a long way and always try to make sure your child challenges themselves when choosing a book.

3. Make sure they read something everyday - whether it be a chapter from their chosen book, an article in a kids magazine, a story from the newspaper or even an online article, reading everyday will help your child build their reading skills and teach them to incorporate reading into their daily routine.

4. Let them read on a kindle - whilst we, as parents, spend half of our time trying to reduce the time our children spend on technological devices, it has been proven that some children find reading on a kindle or eBook reader less tiresome and can be a more effective way of motivating them to enjoy reading.