Does your Child need a Tutor?

by Anna Michaelidou

How many times has your child come home with Maths homework that you struggle to help them with or a school report with grades you were not expecting? You may have to nag or plead with them to do their homework or school project or their grades are slipping and whilst your child is feeling frustrated, you are near breaking point! It's something that most parents experience at one time or another throughout their child's school days. Well, maybe it's time to consider a tutor?

What is a Tutor and how can they help?

A tutor is basically a teacher you employ to work with your child, either on a one-to-one basis, in a small group or online. The tutor will normally focus on a particular academic subject, such as Maths, English or Science, or they may coach your child for an exam, help with homework or teach them something new such as art, sport or music.A tutor can help a child who is struggling to understand topics within the curriculum, needs to do better at school or is concerned about passing an important exam; G.C.S.E, A'Level etc. Your child may be exceptionally bright in a particular subject and a tutor is often hired to keep a child focussed or give them an extra push.Obviously, because the tutor is working in a more focused and individual way with you child (and not in a class of approximately 30 children), a lot more can be achieved in a much shorter time.

Reasons why a child may need a Tutor

There are many benefits of finding a tutor for your child but understanding whether your child will benefit from a tutor is really down to you. Here are a few reasons why a child may benefit from private tuition:

  • Their grades are slipping
  • They have important exams coming up
  • They are lacking confidence
  • They seem to be constantly confused
  • They are struggling with a certain school subject
  • The parent doesn't have the time to study with them
  • They have learning difficulties
  • Their school teacher has mentioned they may need some extra help
  • They don't like studying/are refusing to do their homework
  • They are spending too much time on their homework

If you're considering a private tutor, the first step is to talk to your child's teacher to see what they think and to consider what approach would suit your child best.As for finding the right tutor, at First Tutors we can help you find a reliable and qualified tutor for your child. All our tutors are vetted and our site has a built-in review facility - where we invite feedback from tutees and parents about how their tutoring sessions have gone. This provides objective advice, whilst also giving the best tutors a platform upon which to shine. It is also free to search and browse tutors and do read our Which Tutor Guide to find the tutoring approach that best suits your child.

Post By: Anna Michaelidou

Anna has been a private tutor of both English Literature and English Language for fifteen years having taught all levels from nursery school right through to university level. She is a writer, content marketing executive and a busy mother of four lovely children.

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