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by Sara

Tuition centres provide a popular alternative for busy parents who prefer their children to attend centre-based tuition as opposed to one to one home based tuition. Many adult students also find tuition centres an advantage especially when intensive courses are provided at key times of the year.

Let's look at what tuition centres can offer.

What subjects do tuition centres offer?

This does depend on the centre, but most focus on core subjects such as English, maths and entrance exams. If the centre caters for small children some will also offer specific programs that help with reading, writing and early maths.

Can tuition centres offer specialised help?

Indeed, some centres provide help with children that have special needs such as ADHD or dyslexia without forgetting that a few also provide special programs for gifted children.

How long are the sessions?

On average sessions range from 30 minutes for the very youngest to 90 minutes or more for teenagers or adult students.

Is tuition in a centre similar to one to one tuition?

It can be. Some tuition centres offer dedicated one to one tuition within a small group setting. (3-5 pupils) This can be an ideal option if you know that your child needs frequent help and motivation. Students have the teacher at hand and can focus easily within a small group and a calm atmosphere.

Are study materials provided?

Yes, you will find that most tuition centres provide all needed materials including books and exam papers although check this out with the centre before signing up.

How much do tuition centres charge?

Depending on location, what you are studying and what type of tuition you need this can vary greatly, but anywhere between £10.00 p.h. to £25.00 p.h. Some centres do accept childcare vouchers so if you are eligible check out this option with them too.

Where can I find a tuition centre?

Here at First Tutors! Make a search with your postcode, subject and level and choose centres or group tuition. This new service is totally free for our clients - there is nothing to lose!

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