Revision Courses

by Sara

It won't be long before exams are here again and many students will be looking for revision courses to boost their chances of obtaining the results they dream of.

Revision courses focus on exam technique and can help identify weak areas. Most courses are designed to improve a student's performance in GCSE, and A-level exams and some offer flexibility to tailor tuition around the student's needs. Revision courses usually offer help in subjects that students traditionally find difficult. Maths is probably the subject with the highest demand but English, Chemistry and Physics are also very popular requests for revision courses.

Whether you are looking for intensive revision courses online, or face to face group tuition, First Tutors now offer the chance to find companies that specialise in revision courses. Make a search with your postcode and subject, select either group tuition, centres or online courses to bring up a list of centres. This FREE service lets you send a message and your contact details to as many companies as you wish so that they can contact you to discuss your needs in detail.