GCSE Reform 2015

by Sarah Adams


Out with the old and in with the new. From September 2015 new GCSEs will be taught in schools and colleges across England. Year 9 students who will be making their GCSE choices this year, will unearth a change to the mandatory subjects; English Language, English Literature, and Maths. With GCSE starters seeing a change to all subjects by September 2019.

The maths GCSE will be more 'challenging' with emphasis on problem solving. It will be assessed wholly by exam, so the option of coursework to secure partial marks is no more. This could add an increased stress and pressure to students who do not perform well under examination.

English Language GCSE will remain compulsory, with 20% of the final mark focussing purely on punctuation and grammar. Secondary school students will now have a choice in partaking in the English Literature GCSE, as this is no longer a compulsory subject.

Unusually, grading will now be used on a scale of 9-1 opposed to A*-F. Assessment will be mainly by exam with the choice of only 2 tiers; Foundation and Higher. With GCSEs looking tougher than ever, it's time to study hard and boost your exam grades.