by Sally

July 18th has been officially adopted by the United Nations as "Nelson Mandela International Day".

As we all know education is fundamental to the optimal development of a child. Education not only results in academical knowledge but incites awareness in people to take action and help change the world for the better. Mandela Day strives to inspire individuals and organisations to participate in Mandela Day as they wish so what can you do on Mandela Day?

Mandela Day

Below are just a few ways to change the world:

  • Become an educator:
    • Offer to help out at your local school
    • Mentor a school leaver or student in your field of expertise
    • Coach one of the extramural activities the school offers. You can also volunteer to coach an extramural activity the school doesn't offer
    • Offer to provide tutoring in a school subject you are good at
    • Teach an adult literacy class
  • Donate your old computer
  • Help maintain the sports fields
  • Fix up a classroom by replacing broken windows, doors and light bulbs
  • Donate a bag of art supplies
  • Paint classrooms and school buildings
  • Donate your old textbooks, or any other good books, to a school library
  • Treasure the elderly:
    • If you play an instrument, visit your local old-age home and spend an hour playing for the residents and staff
    • Learn the story of someone older than you. Too often people forget that the elderly have a wealth of experience and wisdom and, more often than not, an interesting story to tell
    • Take an elderly person grocery shopping; they will appreciate your company and assistance
    • Take someone's dog for a walk if they are too frail to do so themselves
    • Mow someone's lawn and help them to fix things around their house

We'd love to hear about your plans for Mandela Day, let us know here.

For more information about Mandela Day click here.