Lecture by Prof Judith Ireson from The IOE at The Tutors Association

by Gerry

First Tutors attended the first AGM of the The Tutors Association last week.

Prof Judith Ireson from the Institute of Education gave a very interesting talk on what research to date shows are the key outcomes parents are looking for from private tutoring: increases in understanding, confidence, persistence and grade improvement. We also discussed what skills/attributes clients were looking for in a tutor, and based on Ireson's research she proposed that the following came through strongly: Subject knowledge (including strategic use of)

  • Empathy
  • Preparation
  • Patience
  • Appropriate use of praise
  • Communication Skills
  • Flexibiliy

Tutors added the following to Prof. Ireson's list:

  • A sense of humour
  • Kind and friendly
  • Ability to make work fun

If there is anything you feel as a client or tutor you would like to add to this list we would love to receive your comments.