Exam stress getting to you. Don't panic find a goat to stroke!

by first tutors

Last week Bath Spa University was encouraging students to de-stress by setting up a 'petting zoo' where they could go along and stroke a goat or feed ducks. This hasn't gone down too well with animal rights groups, though, who suggest bouncy castles and back massages may be more appropriate!

Similarly, one Students Union is planning to set up 'bubble wrap stations' for stressed out students, where they can relax by continually popping the bubble wrap. It would appear that students have found this method of relieving mental stress before exams more relaxing than both yoga or meditation.

Failing the availability of a goat or bubble wrap, a chat with your tutor will help relieve the pressure. Your tutor will know what you're going through and will help you get things in perspective.

Tutors - what advice would you offer on calming the nerves of stressed out students at this fraught time?