Tutors, thinking about a leap into teaching?

by First Tutors

Graduate tutors, are you inspired and passionate to want to take take it further? Would you ever train to be a teacher?

Teaching like tutoring is a very rewarding profession. The government recognises the need for schools to recruit people with industry experience and this is reflected by the fact that the majority of teachers today have worked outside of education in many different careers.

Recent research by the Guardian and recruitment agency Hays highlights that just over half (56.4%) of teachers joined the profession after working in industry. They say that the "largest proportion of career changers (12.9%) came from finance and accounting, while 9.2% came from hospitality and 7.7% came from either arts and heritage, government and politics or healthcare".

Teachers, like tutors find dealing with young people gives them a sense of worth, of making a difference to young lives and raising their expectation and motivation.

Despite what can appear as an exhausting workload, most tutors and teachers say the sense of satisfaction of helping youngsters achieve academically is worth the effort.

Like tutoring, teaching can be such an enjoyable and satisfying profession.

Many tutors that have experience of a different sector can make the transition into teaching that much easier. They will have developed a wide range of skills needed to deal with learning analytics and getting the most from their learners.

So, we're curious to know how many graduate tutors have decided to take up teaching, having enjoyed the experience and wanted to take it further?