How to find a Private Tutor FAST!

by First Tutors

We're approaching the busiest time of the year when everybody comes back from half-term, glances at the calendar and realises there are exams looming around the corner! So, how do you ensure you find a good private tutor in the middle of a stampede? Here's our tips:

1. Always contact more than one private tutor

We have tens of thousands of tutors on our books(!), so contact around 4 to chat about examining boards, diaries, etc. It costs you nothing to send our tutors an email so please, make the most of the choice we have.

2. Choose the Speedy Hare!

Look for home tutors with a 'hare' badge if your request is very urgent - we give this badge to tutors who are usually extremely quick to respond to clients. You can order our search results by 'Rapid Responders' to pick out tutors who reply very fast to enquiries.

3. Add your request to the Marketplace

When you make your enquiry, choose to add it to the 'Marketplace' and then keen tutors you may not have spotted can contact you via our platform (your contact details are of course protected until you choose to proceed).

4. Say when you're available

Tell your tutors what times you can do so they can answer you with availability at the outset.

5. Wrap it up!

Once you've found a personal tutor you like, confirm quickly as availability changes pretty fast at this time of the year.

We wish you the very best of luck in preparing for those exams! If you need our help, just ask.