First Tutors new data reveals the national average cost for Private Tuition


Private tuition is much cheaper than many families suspect, with the national average costing less than £23.00 per hour -- meaning expert help for your child's education is more affordable than you think. Still, there are strong regional variations with Kensington the most expensive area and Newcastle-Upon-Tyne the cheapest place in the country.


20/03/13, London. Families across the nation paid an average of £22.31 per hour for private tuition in the last year. Taken from price data provided by over 15,000 tutors, found that families in rural areas are paying on average slightly more than those in major cities (the city average stands at £21.55 while the rural average is £23.07). This can be largely attributed to both higher travel costs and lower competition in rural areas.


Equally, tuition costs reflect educational complexity, with the national average ranging from £20.10 for primary and secondary school tuition, to £26.56 for university level tuition. With the UK still in the grip of an economic slump, yet decent university degrees increasingly necessary for anyone wishing to enter the country’s fiercely competitive job market, private tuition is a rapidly growing sector with as much as a quarter of 11-16 year olds benefitting from it some form1, as families do all they can to better their children’s prospects.

Anita Lee, Managing Director, observed, “There is a prevailing myth that private tutors all charge around £30-40ph, yet our data consistently shows that when tutors set their own rates, as is the case with, they actually charge far less than this, on average”.


The aforementioned figure is more reflective of the hourly fees charged by a minority of London tuition agencies, rather than the reality of how much private tuition costs across most of the country., a web-based agency established in 2005, differs in that it lets the tutors set their own rates and instead charges a small, one-off introductory fee.


To illustrate this data has created two infographics: the first indicates the average price (per hour) of tuition by learning level, from primary school to university. The second is a map of the UK indicating the average price per hour by town/city.


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First Tutors is a online find-your-own-tutor service that helps families find tutors in a wide variety of subjects: from academic, music and languages, to dance, business, IT and beyond; it works by ranking suitable tutors by user feedback and specialist requirements. Founded in 2005, the company is dedicated to making the tuition sector more merit-based and giving tutees the widest range of choice possible.


1 data taken from the Sutton Trust, 2011


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