Common entrance exams - Verbal reasoning tests (2)

by Sara

In the following sentences, a four letter word is hidden between two words that are next to each other. Find the word and write it in the brackets.

Example: The child fell over the stone. (l o v e )

  • 15. The hot coffee tasted very good
  • 16. Let's hide away from him!
  • 17. He was happy on the farm.
  • 18. Is the yellow shape the biggest?
  • 19. Which old picture would you like?
  • 20. The rabbit escaped from the run.

Use the information below to find the answer to the question. Circle the correct letter.

22. There are 5 balls in a bag. There are three different colours of balls in the bag. Which of the following statements cannot be true?

  • A One ball is green.
  • B Three balls are blue.
  • C Four balls are yellow.
  • D Two balls are red and one is yellow.
  • E There are blue and yellow balls in the bag.

In the following sentences, one word written in capital letters has had three letter removed. These three letters together make a correctly spelt proper word without changing the letter order. Work out the three-letter word and write it in the brackets.

Example: There was a strange CR by the pond. (OAK)

  • 23. The old lady was DEDENT on her guide dog.
  • 24. They enjoyed FIGN holidays.
  • 25. The mosaic formed a beautiful TERN.
  • 26. The famous LANDSE was bought by the gallery.
  • 27. A CE was used to unload the ship.
  • 28. The old lady collected her SION.
  • 29. The professor had a strange ORY.

In the following questions, there are two sets of words. Choose the two words, one from each set, that are closest in meaning and underline them.

Example: (race, shop, start) (flag, end, begin)

  • 30. (safari, jeep, rhinoceros) (binoculars, lion, expedition)
  • 31. (dress, decorate, fashion) (model, outfit, millinery)
  • 32. (avalanche, hurricane, earthquake) (tsunami, cyclone, flood)
  • 33. (apprentice, apparition, novice) (invoice, experience, spectre)
  • 34. (hero, medal, courage) (valour, conflict, campaign)
  • 35. (sensible, sensitive, sensation) (reactor, recreation, responsive)
  • 36. (microscope, medicine, microbe) (germ, antibiotic, stethoscope)