Finding a place to study

by Sara

Finding a place to study is a matter of personal taste. Your learning effectiveness declines every time your concentration is interrupted during study. Most students prefer a quiet area away from other people, television or music centres. On the other hand maybe you have learned to study with background music and find absolute silence a distraction in itself!

It is important to make sure that your study area is comfortable but of course not too comfortable to invite you to nod off! The bedroom is not always the best place to study, especially if it has tempting video games inviting you to play!

Adequate lighting plus ample table space are also important factors for many students.

If you have no suitable place to study at home due to family distractions or lack of space, you may find that studying in a library is your advisable alternative. Creating a routine of arriving at the library at set times during the day can help establish a study routine. There are many resources for you to use if you need some extra information to learn or to complete a project. The atmosphere of a library can also set you in study mode, you have the possibility to study in alone or with friends that can help you solve any possible problems you may encounter.

Consider carefully if it is wise to take your computer to your study area, computers are perfect for note taking but they are also powerful machines that could possibly tempt you to surf on-line, play games or chat with your friends - perhaps the old fashioned pen and pencil is your better option!

Don't forget to take frequent breaks when you study, stretch those legs or have a snack. If possible go to a different area or another room. Try to take a break every hour for about 10 minutes. Creating good study habits will help improve concentration and hopefully those exam results too!