Signs that may indicate your child needs a private tutor

by Sara

Many children who are struggling at school will suffer in silence, consequently their parents are unaware of their child's needs. Keeping a close eye on your child's reactions and behaviour can be the best way to monitor possible underlying problems with school work. Below are a few key signs that may indicate your child needs help.

1. Your child refuses to talk about school. If your child is struggling with school work they won't usually want to talk about it with you. Children may do their very best to avoid talking about school.

2. Lack of interest. A happy child at school will be willing to comment on what they have been doing at school but a child that is struggling will show no enthusiasm for any particular subject or project they are doing at school.

3. You child is frequently off "sick". This could be a sign that indicates that your child does not want to face their problems at school. Missing school will only make matters worse.

4. School reports or marked homework go missing. This is a clear signal that your child is scared of the possible consequences when you find out about your child's failure at school.

5. Your child starts behaving badly. Negative feelings can manifest themselves in many ways - from changes in general attitude to using foul language or drug taking and truancy.

We would like to stress that the above are only possible indications that your child is struggling at school. In some cases the reasons could be due to low self esteem or bullying. In either case your child needs help. Try to talk to your child in a non aggressive way, stay calm and if you think that your child will perhaps communicate better with another person - be it a close family friend or school teacher, consider that option first.

If after talking with your child there is a clear indication that he/she needs help, consider finding a private tutor. Recent research shows that private tuition can improve grades at GCSE and A-Level. Private tutors can provide your child with new ways of learning and retaining information, many private tutors use different learning techniques and also tailor-make their tuition experience to the child's particular needs. A good private tutor can gradually build a trust relationship with a child, which in turn will boost a child's confidence and self esteem. The end results will be better grades and a happy child!