Record high for A-Level students - Congratulations!

by Sara

Susan from Leicester has just e-mailed us this morning with the good news! "Please let tutor Ian know that Mollie got a B in her Maths A- level exam and says she couldn't have done it without him!

Teenage students have scored yet again another record-breaking year of A-level results, with one in 12 exams achieving an A* grade. More than 384,000 students in England, Wales and Northern Ireland will receive their A-level results today, we hope you will be one to celebrate the good news! Regrettably, there still will be students struggling to secure a place at University but despair not - help is always available.

Mr. Andrew Hall, chief executive of awarding body AQA, said mathematics had seen a five-year increase in uptake of 40.2%, which he said was "really significant". On the downside, Mr. Hall also added: "For everything that goes up, something comes down. Modern foreign languages are in long-term decline here".

There has been an increase in science subjects too. Mr. Dawe, chief executive of the OCR said " I think the message is getting through now, if you have got mathematics, it is a passport to many, many options"

Chinese has seen a significant rise in comparison to last year, with entries rising from 2,372 to 3,237 although French is down 4.7% and German down 6.9%.

First Tutors would like to congratulate A-level students without forgetting the private tutors too! Many tutors have dedicated time, passion and tutoring experience into helping students fulfil their dreams.