From the student's mouth: How my private tutor helped me. (Case study)

by Sara

My family (older sister) had used a private tutor before, but always from recommendations from friends, etc. In January 2011 I felt I needed a private tutor immediately for Psychology A-level and asked around, but no one had any ideas/recommendations. "Various 'Revision Schools' were recommended, for attending during the holidays, but we wanted a personal, one-to-one tutor on a weekly or more often basis, especially one who would come to our house. I did not want to have to drive miles after a full day."

Finally I came across First Tutors. You offered several tutors for psychology at A-level and I could pick and chose. Some lived too far out of my area and others did not indicate that they would travel to me. However, I quickly found Charmaine's profile and made contact. Charmaine lived locally, she would travel to me and her profile showed that she had plenty of the right kind of experience and knowledge (degrees and so on).

After exchanging details through your site, I talked with my mum and we decided that she might be just what we were looking for. We paid the introduction fee to First Tutors and within literally minutes Charmaine was in touch with us. She was immediately interested in and really keen to understand me and what my needs were. She was so kind and understanding. We arranged an appointment for the next day and when we met I felt that I had known Charmaine for years. "She is so warm and friendly. She has a family of her own and really understands teenagers. She also has a massive knowledge of her subject and is so enthusiastic about it that you also feel that Psychology is really worth studying and how useful it is in every day life and the world of work." Read the full story here

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