Improve your IT skills

by Sara

IT (Information Technology) is a term that we use to refer to an entire industry. An IT department in a company will set up computer systems, select what hardware and software is needed and install or repair when it goes wrong. Information technology is starting to spread further than the conventional personal computer and network technology and more into integrations of other technologies such as the use of mobile phones, televisions, cars - which is increasing the demand for such jobs.

Computer skills refer to the ability to use the software and hardware of a computer. Being "computer functional" is usually what is meant by one with computer skills; computer literacy is only really evident in advanced computer skills.

A private IT tutor can provide tailor made tuition for your needs. Perhaps you are new to computers and need a few lessons in basic computer skills that would include some of the following:

  • Knowing how to switch on the computer
  • Being able to use a mouse to interact with elements on the screen.
  • Being able to use the computer keyboard
  • Being able to shut down the computer after use.

If you already have basic computer skills you may find the need to learn how software programs work. Intermediate skills would include:

If you are studying IT at an advanced level, below are just a few skills you may learn:

  • Programming
  • Use of a computer for scientific researching
  • Fixing software conflicts
  • Repairing computer hardware.
  • Designing complex computer networks and information databases.

If you are a silver surfer just wanting to know how to operate and/or maintain your PC in order to keep in touch with family and friends, check your bank accounts or play online games, our IT tutors can help you from the comfort of your own home.

If on the contrary you need help setting up a website for your business or you are pursing a career within the IT industry, we also have experienced tutors that are specialised in many different fields of the computing world.