Maths anxiety

by Sara

First Tutors statistics reveal that the subject with the highest demand for one to one tuition is maths. Why is maths so hard? Why is it that the harmless words: algebra, fractions, geometry, can make a self confident adult or child want to run a mile? Research suggests that mathematics causes more anxiety than any other subject.

Some students admit to feeling traumatised by their inability to understand maths. Maths anxiety is a term coined by psychologists and refers to the fear of maths that students acquire at a very young age. Fact is; experts agree that most of us have much greater capacity to understand complex maths ideas than we know. So why are so many students afraid of maths? Most people would agree that inept teaching methods may be the culprit. Before a child reaches the "I hate maths" stage, parents are advised to seek help for their children. One to one tuition can help children and adults regain their confidence in maths. Most maths tutors are totally aware of their students fear of maths. A good maths tutor will be able to turn maths into an interesting subject at the very least. Patience is another vital trait a maths tutor must have.

First Tutors can offer you the help you need. Contact as many maths tutors as you wish to discuss your problems. They are there to help and you are not alone!